Thanks for entering! I see that we share the same passion for design.

My name is Raquel, and I am the one behind each product, from digital design to hand-assembled, always looking for formal innovation.


I am a magister and an architect graduated from the National University of Córdoba, where I am also a teacher .


In 2015 I did my first postgraduate course in Parametric Design and there I knew that I was passionate about this style! .

In 2019 we formed a small work team, with the aim of creating lamps with exclusive designs, easy to assemble and transport, which in turn are friendly to the environment. . We want your spaces to talk about you! because you have a lot to tell! .

Hand in hand with design, you can create inspiring places to live, shall we?

Our achievement



The entire collection distinguished with the Argentine Design Seal

Registered Trademark


Virtual Assistance to the International Decoration Fair Expo Presentes Virtual Córdoba Ships Competition

Finalist Project Certificate with the Cordovan Design Seal 2020

Invited to present the project at the V Summit of Entrepreneurs of the University of Palermo

Stand at international decoration fair (Expo Presentes)

Pre incubation in Incubacor (validation. Commercial)


Pre-incubation in the Entrepreneurs Club of the Municipality of Córdoba Finalist in the National Entrepreneur Mother Award contest Project selected to participate in the UNC Innova exhibition Selected project with export potential to be advised in that area.

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